Steve Derrickson  

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Stephen Derrickson grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and earned his BFA at Ohio University where he studied with Dennis Adams. He holds a Graduate degree in painting from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia where he studied with Italo Scanga, David Pease and Stephen Greene. Derrickson was an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas in Austin from 1977 to 1984, where he taught painting, drawing, 20th century art history and exhibited his work regionally. From Texas he moved to New York City where he continued to paint and draw and exhibit his work, in L.A. and San Francisco, as well as New York. In 1995 he moved his family to the lower Hudson River Valley. He now lives in Rosendale, New York with his son Evan. In addition to his continued painting, he runs a decorative wall finishes business, promotes green energy, and is a practicing Shambhala Buddhist.